Helping your child get ready to learn the guitar Part 2

Most often what I see is that children may think of themselves as musicians they just think they’re going through a process of learning. And learning this way often does not drive creativity and music repetition and copycat learning. I’m coming out of it the other side of your child would’ve paid affected 3 to 5 pieces a year of music and feel like that’s all that they’ve accomplished.

I philosophy and I prefer in learning the guitar or any other music Instrument. Is  one that motivates your child to put in lots of effort, Try new things, become creative, boost confidence, and feel like a musician.

What’s the magic equation?

For children to feel creative with their instrument, it’s important that they are allowed to explore the instrument. Instead of giving them pieces to copy and perfect. Need to have the power to be more in control of what they learn, to be grateful for what they learn, and be able to experiment with it. 

Music is also a language so allowing them to be able to play with other children, maybe even experiment to announcements, so they can understand how music works. It’s very important for a child. 

How can you help them get ready? 

Keep your child curious, hope them to want to try new things. And then compare them to other children, and you criticise them. To be supportive parent is full of pitfalls. Only or trying to best we can. Nothing times we think its best for them, Can actually be detrimental to them in the long run.

For example not criticising your child. Often parents think they providing constructive criticism. But if you don’t play in instrument yourself, the child can often question your judgement. What they look up on the T should be the one up revised guidance. It’s better to pricing for the effort that they are putting in Ross and criticising there output. And do observational Praising Do you help your child gain more confidence. 

Extra stuff with learning guitar

If the place where your child has lessons has other extracurricular activities such as workshops find opportunities performance opportunities et cetera hope you’re trying to get involved in as many of these things as possible. 

Keep your child company, learning a new instrument can be a scary thing for some children and especially trying to practice on there in a home. The children do not have to self control and self discipline faculty developed yet, so you keeping them company while they practice it’s very important for a child to develop the Sun Association and also to gain your approval to help them get going.