Common Major Chords That Every Guitar Beginner Should Learn

If you’re learning guitar, guitar chords are the first thing you study. This is because it’s the basis of every piece of music. Every song you hear, no matter the genre, has some rhythmic pattern that you can follow. And that makes chords the basic part of learning guitar. 

When you begin learning, you’ll find so many chords. However, as a beginner, you need to learn the most basic chords. Get to understand the chords that are played in many songs. 

The chords are divided into two broad categories. There are major and minor chords. Most songs have a combination of major and minor songs. You need to learn both as a beginner. 

This article shares the major chords you need to learn as you begin training your guitar. 

  • C Major 

This is the first chord that most people begin with. It’s one of the easiest chords to hold and play. Note C is the root note for this chord. To play C major chord, hold string B on the first fret, D on the second fret, and A on the third fret. This gives you a combination of C notes with makes the C-Chord. 

  • G Major 

This is the second easiest chord to play. The goal is to hold a combination of G notes. To achieve this, hold the low E string (first from the top) on the third fret, then A on the second fret, and high E (first from the bottom) on the third fret. 

This will give you the G major chord. 

  • D Major 

The same concept applies when playing D major chord. Note D is the root note. And to play the chord, you hold the high E on the second fret, B on the third fret, and G on the second fret. This gives you a combination of D notes that 

  • F Major 

F major is another common chord that you shouldn’t miss to know. To play F major chord, hold B on the second Fret, G on the second fret, and D on the third fret. This gives a combination of F notes. It’s by far the easiest chord to hold and play.  

  • A Major 

Here is another simple chord to master how it looks. Everything is on the same fret. The only challenge is properly holding the three strings on the same fret and without messing with the other strings. To play A major chord, hold the string BGD on the second fret. 

  • E Major 

Lastly, E major chord is another commonly used Chord. It uses the same pattern F major chord uses but on different strings. To play E major chord, hold string G on the first fret, D on the second fret, and A on the second fret. This gives you a combination of E notes. 

Parting shot 

Once you learn how to play all these major chords, then it will be easy for you to play any song. This is because these are the most common chords in almost all songs.