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The Viking

Norway, 34 years old

Although Stian took a while to give up the Vertical Kilometer to tackle the marathon, it was only to put himself in a better position when he entered the sport. Now one of the few runners who can keep up with Kilian over this distance, he is indisputably in the top 3 worldwide.


Rank Epreuve / Défi / Projet personnel Date text
3rd Golden Trail World Series 2019
3rd Ring of Steall 2018
1st Buff Epic Skyrunning VK World Championship 2016
1st Buff Epic 42k Skyrunning Short Distance World Champion 2016
1st Ring of Steall 2017
2nd Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2017
1st Zegama 2017
4th Otter Trail (GTS Final 2018) 2018
2nd Zegama 2018
1st Dolomyth's Run 2018
4th Pikes Peak Marathon 2018
3rd Annapurna Trail Marathon (GTWS Final 2019) 2019
3rd Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2018
1st Golden Trail Series Champion 2018
1st Transvulcania semi-marathon 2018
2nd Sky Pirineu 2019
1st Ring Of Steall 2019
1st OCC 2019
6th Dolomyth's Run 2019
4th Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2019
4th Zegama 2019
1st Cross du Mont-Blanc 2015